Our service

Aware of the diverse needs that the market demands, we offer services carefully built for and with the customer, providing customized activities for every single request.

On-center activities

Prevention, monitoring and remote intervention for any need.

We use all available technology to prevent, monitor, and to intervene remotely, by quickly solving complex problems.

Our C.R.M. Integrates contact-center, ticket management, logistics and help-desk services, is flexible and easy to integrate with customers’ systems.

Help Desk provides technical support service of first level dedicated to the banking branches (branch, offices/business park, agents) located in Italy to support users in managing and troubleshooting critical hardware and software issues on Personal Computer, Printers, and peripheral devices.

Our structure is made up of well trained staff, the service coverage is flexible and can be tailored to meet customers’ multiple needs.


On-site payment service terminals are CSC Italia’s core business, POS is the product on which our technicians have a decades-long experience.

CSC Italia is a service provider for all major banking services centers.
Special installations, new technologies, and innovative applications are dealt by a team of high-level professionals.

End customers are located all over the country and are always managed with the utmost professionalism, whether it be large retail outlets or small retailers.