About us

CSC is the result of the merger of 12 shareholder companies: as the network covers large areas, CSC is also organized to ensure a wide range of intervention.

CSC Italia operates in the field of on-site technical installation and technical support services on multiple technologies, P.O.S. terminals, personal computers, ATM counters, money handling systems (CICO), information totems.

Thanks to a network of 12 shareholder companies and certified and reliable partners, CSC Italia is present throughout the whole country and its highly skilled team of experts will always ensure quality assistance.

All on-site staff are also managed and coordinated by specialized headquarters support, relying on state-of-the-art technology and IT tools which are constantly updated.

Values in action

The several skills that we have gained over the years have allowed us to build a wide knowledge, applicable in various areas of intervention.

Our multi-year experience gained in the assistance sector is a reliability guarantee in handling technical problems and customer service.

The professional and quality level of all the services we offer is highly recognized by the market.

If you choose CSC Italia, you will deal with a professional, structured and reliable partner that cleverly combines the power of a wide service network with the precision and punctuality of local operators.


CSC Italy originates from an innovative consortium idea. The basic philosophy is simple: every single company that makes up the consortium is directly involved both operationally and commercially in the business, albeit always supported by the head office coordination.

The “Consortium Network in the Center” was established is 2004 , and provides assistance services in Central Italy. In 2008, it meets the spin-off requirements of T-NET CSM Srl’s local subsidiaries of, a company well known by medium-sized banks as a provider of qualified services on P.O.S. with a multi-vendor approach.
Following these two experiences, in January 2009 the CSC Italia Consortium was created to provide a fully extensive network throughout the national territory.

Over the years, CSC Italia has continued to evolve to meet market needs, by transforming itself into a Consortium Society (SCARL) in July 2015, until in April 2017 it finally became a Limited Liability Company (SRL).

This evolution has today enabled CSC Italia to start a corporate partnership with PAX TECHNOLOGY, a well reputed company in the global EFT-POS terminals market. This has allowed CSC Italia to further consolidate its leading position in on-site monetization services and to create at the same time an added value for all customers who, will benefit from a full 360 degree service, thanks to the synergy between the two companies,

The combination between PAX Italia’s payment solutions and innovative POS terminals and CSC Italia’s extensive experience in POS assistance services allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of service.